Arrival of US military troop last week.

Twenty US military soldiers got back to the states after successful processing of their leave.

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Boeing 4747 was grounded

Early hours of yesterday, due to a late hour fault detect on the aircaft meant to carry the military soldiers from Baghdad, the flight was cancelled.



Afghanistan City dispute

Presently is a dispute going on in afghanistan, and hundreds of US militants has been deployed there to take control over the situation. Speculations shows the crisis is under control at the moment.


Our Troops In Afghanistan Request Leave Here

Welcome to US Military Leave Department

This US MILITARY LEAVE DEPARTMENT website and basically created for the processing of leave applications of US soldiers who are deployed to the third world countries for peace keeping.

*What you need to know about leave*

Military Short Time Leave
A period of approved absence for military duty during which full state pay and benefits continue. Includes paid time granted by statute and time during which an employee has elected to apply his or her accrued leave as permitted by policy.

Military Leave Without Pay

A period of approved absence during which employees' regular pay is discontinued by the state while they are engaged in active military duty or state- or federally-funded military training duty. (Also LWOP-military

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Note: Please send your leave form to leaveform@usarmyleavedept.com for processing

The advantages processing your leave request leaveform@usarmyleavedept.com

1. TRUST –you can trust us that we get your emails and letters treat promptly with no delay.

2. CONTROL– It makes you to be able to monitor and control your emails easily.

3. SUPPORT – we’ll always help you when there is problem with the processing of your leave request.

4. QUALITY – 100% quality guaranty! Our website is always up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So you are sure of access to our leave monitoring department.